A qualification is not the same item as an evaluation. A document describes the element of a diamond, but it does not slot a fiscal utility on the gem. An classification places a pecuniary advantage on your diamond, but does not manifest the standard of the parallelogram.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) are the iii maximum widely renowned and well-thought-of parallelogram order laboratories in the international. Each of the ordering laboratories have formed a extremely correspondent language for identifying the 4 C's of diamonds. The 4 C's bear for Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. We will besides deliberate the Shape of diamonds in this article.

Carat Grading

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The weight or extent of a parallelogram is plumbed in carats. A weight unit is 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams and is always referenced inside 2 decimal points. This is a outstandingly true grading scramble utilized to discover the weight or vastness of a precious stone.

Color Grading

All diamonds are compared in opposition to an internationally permitted set of artist stones and ranges from utterly colorless (D) to light xanthous or mushroom color (Z). Brown diamonds darker than K color are consistently delineated mistreatment their notification grade, and a instructive phrase, for representative M Faint Brown. Diamonds near more understanding of colour than Z color fall down into the puff colour precious stone scope.

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Color grades D through with F are course the utmost priceless and pricey because of their scarcity. Color G through with I will variety virtually no visible color to the untrained eye. Selecting the proper adornment to knoll the precious stone in can minimise color status J through with M.

The timbre of diamonds can be caused by several factors. Impurities cornered in the rhomb during its formation, the crystal framework artifact of the diamond, and the revelation to energy can all front to the deep truth of colors available in diamonds.

Clarity Grading

Clarity is certain by the figure of blemishes on the surfaces of the rhomb and the amount of inclusions such as as air bubbles, cracks, and foreign matter at home of the rhomb. When both expressions are woman documented the word defects is ordinarily documented. Nature once in a while produces thing that is with out defects and this grasping correct for diamonds. Most diamonds will have every genus of fault or disadvantage.

When grading the Clarity of a jewel it is critical to see the digit and the temperament of any central defects in the kernel. The vastness and location of the defects are also interpreted into explanation. A rhomb is said to be Internally Flawless (I.F) when it presents no inside defects under 10x magnification by an full-fledged eye of laboratory gemologists.

A parallelogram is aforesaid to be Very Very Slightly built-in (V.V.S.1 to V.V.S.2) when it presents defects that are highly vexed to pin down below 10x magnification.

A jewel is aforementioned to be Very Slightly Included (V.S.1 to V.S.2) when it presents defects that are unacknowledged to pin down nether 10x magnification.

A jewel is same to be Slightly Included (S.I.1 to S.I.2) when it presents defects that are natural to find beneath 10x expansion.

A gem is aforementioned to be Imperfect (P.1 to I.1) when it presents defects that are intricate to find with the undressed eye.

A precious stone is aforementioned to be Imperfect (P.2 to I.2) when it presents defects that are uncomplicated to find with the undressed eye.

A parallelogram is aforementioned to be Imperfect (P.3 to I.3) when it presents defects that are markedly easy to find next to the unclothed eye.

Cut Grading

The spatial property and proportions of a parallelogram cut discover the life, brightness and neutral spreading. If any of these piece factors are to a lower place banner consequently the arrangement of the diamond will be adversely stage-struck.

The cut of a jewel has goose egg to do beside the stature of the gem. The cut refers to the diamond's ruminative qualities. A flawless cut contribute the diamond it luminosity or the competency to appendage feathery in a easy cult. The glare will seem to be to come up from the completely hunch of a jewel.

When a ray of lightweight touches the external of a diamond, piece of the standard lamp is mirrored back, this is outer reflection. The time out of the ray penetrates the seed and is next reflected toward the center of the lozenge. This is illustrious as refraction. The ray of wispy is echolike to the surface, where it is seen as the flag of the spectrum. This is particular as spread.

If lighting enters the rhomb through with to top or array and consequently leaks out from the sides or nether as an alternative of reflecting posterior to the eye, after the rhomb will seen to have little brightness and inferno. A diamonds cut is the furthermost chief of the cardinal Cs. If all of the portion of the scaling level is at the high end of the spectrum and the cut has been utilized to maximize the magnitude of the parallelogram afterwards a extremely deprived competence sandstone watercourse be the issue. Happily this tendency in massiveness or else of point is no longest prevalent in the precious stone bazaar. Today ensign science algorithms are nearly new to learn the sunday-go-to-meeting cut for any spatiality lozenge.


The outward appearance of parallelogram will dive into one of several common categories but location are oodles variations on each ensign categories. Basic categories consist of Round, Emerald, Pear, Heart, Marquise, Oval, and Princess cuts.


The standardized for the lozenge shape and is used in supreme fight gymnastic apparatus.


Rectangular or market square rung cut beside on the cross cut corners. Usually has 2 to 4 rows of comparable facets to the halfway of the marble. A completely desirable approach of cut nearly new for Emeralds hence the given name.


Pear or pearl in figure and may or may not have a stupendous smooth external in the middle of the nugget. This chromatic is conventionally cut to have roughly speaking 56 to 58 facets.


Heart in outward appearance and if a protection formed piece is reward (flat middle) later it will normally have 32 crown facets. If no culet is present next 24 marquee facets is the measure.


Oval in conformation beside bowed sides and pyramidic ends and was formed in France in the mid 1700s. May have been named after the Marquise de Pompador, who was a woman of King Louis XV.


Oval in form and besmeared beside angular facets.


Very common gathering place or adapted rectangular stature. There are tons variations of circlet and pavilion facets cuts on the flea market.

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