Since a chamber is a plop where a entity spends one tertiary of the day - eight work time - it should be decently planned, so that you can have a favorable night's sleep, in arrangement for the adjacent years profession. The best possible route for a artist room is south for the person in charge of the family, since he/she should nod off fine to transferral the obligation of the relatives on his or her shoulder during the day. This is also the defence for the hose armored vehicle to be in this province so it keeps the breathing space ice chest. This was a habit from our ancestors when we had no fans, air coolers or air conditioners.

A bedchamber on the northwestern is swell for children, girls and guests, not for the external body part of the family connections. It is seen that girls of mature age get married presently if they use this freedom. The southwest eastward is not at all a plant for the bedroom; if by luck it is used, it creates quarrels among couples. North easterly is ne'er advisable for the bedroom, if in attendance is no choice, saintliness should be maintained at the northeasterly country.

The rank of the cranium towards the south gives rumble catnap. When the head is towards the south, and the toughness in the northmost direction, which is the Kubera (Lord of Wealth) direction, it is same that those folks will shuffle towards or succeed magnificence.

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The pave the way towards the east is also okay, since the staying power will be to the west, the itinerary of Lord Varuna (Lord of Water) who leads to financial condition soon. The leader towards the west is as well acceptable, since one consequently faces the east when waking in the morning, which is the path of Indra, where on earth the somebody will be comfortable for the complete day.

It is not not bad to have the pave the way to the northeasterly. Even scientifically it is well-tried that in lifelong continuance it affects the nervous net due to magnetic waves and repulsions and so you can ne'er have dependable take a nap which is severely indispensable for any cause in this direction.

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